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WHY ME, Why Eddie as your Coach?

My programming puts YOU first, and I will never leave you in the dark on the HOW’s and WHY’S.

I want to make sure that you never go through guessing and never have to encounter little to no support. That, unfortunately, is what a saturated fitness industry can and often leads to. You have found me, and I am a COACH who loves fitness for so many reasons. I was able to build muscle all around my body to support my body, live an active lifestyle with no more knee pain, and put on muscle to even support a rotator cuff issue that occurred during a cheap and awfully designed e-book program that I tried once. Do you need copious muscle? No. Do you need lean and clean muscle? Yes. I will explain all of this to you when we chat. Anyone can work with me. I work with guys and girls for any fitness goal!

My clients who want to elevate their fitness and health to incredibly high levels for so many reasons are encouraged and love sharing with one another about their progress. They can share new personal weightlifting records, weight loss, favorite cheat meals, muscle gains and definition showing, and many more WINS. Those who work with me now can attest that I give them the best they can get, as I put my all into this.

It may be time to inquire for a brief discovery call! These calls are fun, and we can see if I am good fit and if you are a good fit. I am sure you likely are!

I have zero body pain anymore and I know that as I get older my fitness progress will keep my body safe from injury and will set me apart. I have been in situations where I had slipped while walking and ended up doing the splits (ha, ha, ha), but my natural brace of muscle kept me from injuries! I have many more examples, but I will save this all for our chat if you want to hear more on that.

I am excited to serve my clients, and if you are looking at this, you are likely here for one of many reasons. You may be one of the quite common spectators and are one of those that just like to pick up little knowledge bits, like I was doing for so long. It is called getting your feet wet. You are not doing anything wrong. But DO NOT waste your time, just do things right with education from an expert now, rather than wasting years guessing. You may have scrolled my Instagram and seen I am into fitness and might just want to grab a few tips from me. That is ok too, if you are happy with where you are headed. If you are not, it may be time to inquire for a brief discovery call! These calls are fun, and we can see if I am good fit and if you are a good fit. If you have come this far, I am sure you likely are! Bear in mind that we do often lie to ourselves when it comes to our health, as we want to feel like we have things all figured out. This is just part of self-confidence and human nature. Do not let your ego take over! I am here to help, so reach out to me! I always say, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW! So, let that resonate. This means we should always be learning, and could use more KNOWLEDGE, and as a COACH, I bring and seek professional knowledge that you cannot find online. Investing in a fitness COACH is no different than investing in college courses, I will hold you accountable.

Another person who should definitely chat with me is this type: We, and I am guilty of this in my past, think that since we saw one or two things online that we have it all figured out. Professional Fitness COACHES educate themselves to the fullest on the individual at hand rather than just sending people a generic e-book or meal plan. The internet is full of programs that have a little of this and a little of that but ultimately lack the most important component, which is human interaction and individualization. What works for some will NOT work for MOST. I, and as do many of my fellow COACHES, have extensive materials, so working me will bring you: daily knowledge, insight, accountability, support, sustainable information and teachings for how to do things independently for the long haul, and most importantly LASTING RESULTS!

You might be serious about change, and ready to take a step and may even be considering a higher level of fitness. Maybe you like your shape but want to elevate that, I can help! You may have seen my work and seen that I am passionate about what I do. Maybe you do not know if I can help you, or you may just be looking to possibly make the little steps towards change, and do not know where to start. I am here for you.

Lastly, you might be one of the millions of people who perceives themselves to work out hard but struggles to see progress and are downright frustrated and feel you are wasting hours in the gym. It may be time to inquire for a brief discovery call! So, please reach out and change your future!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to serving you!

Eddie Kincaid

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