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Common Methods

Online Coaching
(Top Option)

Personalized fitness and nutrition plans, 24/7 support, educational resources, and regular accountability checks ensure a sustainable and maintainable health journey.


Often involves restrictive eating plans with limited support and varying degrees of educational resources, but can be hard to maintain long-term.

Workouts In-Person

Shows you how to do exercises but little to no accountability outside of the gym — (self accountability) and only support when in the gym and no nutritional help.

Workout Apps

Offers a range of fitness plans with varying levels of customization and support. Typically lacks the personalized and educational aspects of NE Time Fitness.

Wellness Shots

Quick and simple health boosts with no customization, support, or long-term guarantees. We typically we see clients gain +30% weight back after they stop.

Doing nothing

This won't change anything.

NE Time Fitness (Online Coaching)
In Person Training
Workout Apps
Wellness Shots
✔️ Comprehensive resources
✔️ Trainer explains
✔️ Info only
❌ User-defined
❌ None
✔️ Personalized plans
✔️ Trainer designs
❌ Generic
✔️ Limited
❌ One-size-fits-all
✔️ Long-term focus
✔️ Sustainable plans
❌ Often temporary
❌ Varies
❌ Short-term
✔️ Scheduled assessments
❌ Varies by trainer
❌ Minimal
❌ Self-reported
❌ None
✔️ Regular check-ins
❌ Minimal
❌ Self-managed
❌ Self-managed
❌ None
✔️ Easy to follow
❌ Varies by trainer
❌ Complex rules
❌ Varies
✔️ Very simple
24/7 Support
✔️ Anytime access
❌ Scheduled sessions
❌ Minimal
❌ Minimal
❌ No support
Guaranteed Results
✔️ Proven success
❌ Varies by trainer
❌ Not guaranteed
❌ No guarantees
❌ No guarantees

Our Online Coaching Process

Man with Power Drill

Observation & Customization

We start by observing your current habits and routines, then customize a plan that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

Group Workout

Muscle & Metabolism

Our programs focus on optimizing muscle growth and metabolism, ensuring you achieve and maintain your desired body composition.

Surfer Portrait

Education and Maintenance 

We believe in empowering you with the knowledge needed to sustain your progress. Our education-driven approach ensures you understand the 'why' behind every step.

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