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My Vision

When I first started training, my exercises quickly grew to be monotonous. I then started working out with a life coach where I learned and gained experience in teachings and logistics. I found that the more you learn, the more your results will last. I believe in the strength of personal and live training. Without a lifestyle coach, you are missing tools, check-ins, and most importantly- MOTIVATION!


My programs for my clients are designed to be sustainable so that your results last a lifetime. I can teach you how to get the results you want to see and need in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


About me, Eddie, aka your soon to be 1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Coach 

Hi! My name is Eddie and I am focused on providing my clients with a fit and healthy future. 

I pride myself in becoming the LAST and ONLY coach you will every need to lose body-fat, gain muscle, and keep the weight off for good!

My training is unique because it can help people achieve fitness goals N E Time and N E Where, and with little or no equipment.


take a very personalized approach, which helps me get to know my clients. Getting to know my clients very well allows me to help build their OWN unique healthy & active lifestyles.

Growing up, I was extremely active in sports programs, particularly soccer and skateboarding. As a result of this, I damaged my knee cartilage, which is what led me to bodybuilding and focusing on diligent strength training. Through nutrition and exercise, I have since increased the muscle around my knees which completely took away my knee pain and some buckling.


Strength training has even completely fixed shoulder pain in my right shoulder! Back when I had no coach I damaged the area around my cuff. To fix this pain, I strategically built surrounding muscle with a coach, which in turn has helped me to sleep well at night, and be absolutely pain free. Building natural braces of muscle with clients changes their whole life like it changed mine!


I haven't injured myself in 8+ years. Not to mention, with being healthy I haven't gotten sick in 8+ years (knock on wood, haha!)! Its incredible!


My approach to strength training has helped so many clients of mine who have struggled with pain from genetics or previous injuries. These clients have all deduced pain weak points and most have no pain now.

I find it extremely rewarding to see how a diligent approach has helped over 100 clients in the last 2 years do SO MANY amazing things! 


Just a few of the wins from 2020-2022:

- Clients off of blood pressure medicines

- Moms and Dads in shape for their kids active childhoods

- Clients grow from lower confidence levels to sky rocketing confidence levels

 - Clients stronger and injury free for good

 - Clients with hypothyroidism losing weight at the SAME rate as those without

 - Clients with arthritis going from the top of the flare scale to now being constituted as not on the scale (below normal levels).

- Clients experiencing skyrocketing energy (even my clients in their 20's brag about the energy they have with me now)

- Clients in their 50's-70's prove themselves wrong and make AMAZING progress they wish they had the tools to do in the past

-  Couples lose weight and get fit together

- Clients fit into wedding dresses / suits.

 - Clients fit into swim suits for the summer

- Clients fix their gut health

- Clients build their most stubborn muscle group or groups

Clients lost (and currently losing) 10-50+ lbs of body-fat

- Clients gaining 5-10+ lbs of lean muscle


and those are JUST A FEW WINS!


THIS is why I LOVE what I do, and I promise YOU WILL TOO!!


  • Mentors & Coaches / Background:

-  Richard Saad (CPT; CPR; AED; Strength Training Coach - -Saad Strength LLC) -- My 1:1 mentor for 4 years -- (Richard was mentored by John Defendis, a Mr. USA Bodybuilding winner.)

-  Dean Balabis: Olympia Competitor / Pro Bodybuilder - Coach for 3+ months

-  Michael LaCombe - Coach for 3+ months

-  Jeremy Buendia - Coach for 6+ months

-  Peer support from Next Level Coaches Academy Group 

- 24 Hour Fitness Trainer (previous)

- LA Fitness Trainer (previous)

- Online fitness coach 2020 - Present (2022)

- Individualized Approach — designing effective, safe programs 

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