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Our Story

Growing up Eddie Kincaid had always been in love with being athletic and seeing his hard efforts pay off. He played almost every sport, but particularly loved soccer, racing dirtbikes, and skateboarding. As a result of playing these sports, he put a lot strain on his ankles and damaged his knee cartilage. This caused him to question the health effects of these commonly played sports on your long term health. 


The damage to his ankles and knees led him to pursue a different athletic path- strength training- and he began on a journey that would ultimately change his life and the lives of many others. Through diligent strength training, an unintentional but amazing bi-product arose- he added a natural brace of muscle and eliminated pain from his ankles and knees. Over the years, Eddie discovered the massive array of health benefits to strength training: how it helps heal injuries for people of all ages; helps people to lose weight, and most importantly builds the structure in the body to keep it off; and how you can empower yourself to be the HEALTHIEST version of you. 


Eddie’s diligent approach to strength training has come from a decade of application and through high level mentorship. Initially, Eddie did a year of independent working out and studying diet and exercise. He felt that he might want to take a competitive angle to strength training and figured he may pursue competitive bodybuilding. For his first 2-3 years, he did restrictive dieting and worked out 5-6x a week. He fell in love with the art of building an amazing physique, but realized through doing it, that he did not actually want to compete. He more so fell in love with the health benefits. After years of following restrictive programs, he felt burnt out; he went from being in the best shape of his life to not knowing what to do to sustain results if he was not following an exact cookie cutter meal plan. This was a big problem he faced, and him not learning how to make his health a lifestyle really caught up to him. While he had the discipline to follow meal plans for over 3 years, which is not easy, his lack of flexible nutrition knowledge ended up having negative effects when he stopped working with his bodybuilding coach. Eddie, and who was his then girlfriend, now wife, Natalie, wanted to enjoy their senior year of college and have fun going out, traveling, and enjoying all that life has to offer. Eddie tried his hardest to follow his diet sheets still and would even look at them when they went out for dinners, but ultimately he just got extremely burnt out. In that year, Eddie gained over 40 pounds.  His whole entire perspective changed, as he realized that he had been restricting himself of the foods he really loved for years.


After graduating from college, Eddie and Natalie moved into their first home, and Eddie set out on a weight loss journey.  He wanted to learn how to fit in all of his favorite foods while losing the weight, and most importantly, learn what to do to actually keep it off for good. Eddie worked with multiple lifestyle based coaches to learn a lifestyle based approach to nutrition and exercise and was able to lose the bodyfat and build a strong and healthy body.  This brought him to the realization that this is exactly what could help so many people! He realized this could help moms, dads, business professionals, and so many people build lasting lifestyles. He realized how many restrictive programs exist, and by understanding the science behind why restriction does not work, he became completely certain of his life's work. Eddie knew his exact purpose in life is to help hard working people learn the knowledge to build a lifestyle in which they each get in and stay in the best shape of their life for good, and through his ability to mold himself around each unique clients lifestyle, he and all of his N E Time Fitness staff would ensure they are the last coach any of our clients need to get in and stay in their best shape for life. 


Eddie specializes in clients who have “tried it all”. He loves to help people see past the smoke and mirrors of the fitness industry, as many of his clients have been suckered into quick fix programs that ultimately leave them missing the KNOWLEDGE they need to get in and stay in shape for life!  Through his diligence, many of his clients have reduced pain weak points, eliminated arthritis pain, and reduced high blood pressure.  He has also helped clients be a massive part of their kids active childhoods, revamp their passion for hiking and being athletic, and seen almost all the moms he coaches go from feeling like they cannot lose the weight anymore to being excited to wear crop tops, smaller clothes, and show off their results. He truly loves empowering everyone he coaches. 


Here at N E Time Fitness, we take a gradual approach with clients, so each client can move into their own unique healthy lifestyle at their own pace. We know many clients start and stop because diet sheets and poor programs out there build the “you have to do ALL OF THIS and be perfect” mindset. Eddie will help you break that yo-yo mindset ASAP. No more burn out, drinking weight loss shakes and gaining the weight back plus 20-30% more, no more quick fixes. It's time to drop the restriction, enjoy a step by step experience, a phased approach to fitness and nutrition, build a balanced lifestyle, and learn the knowledge YOU need to stay in YOUR best shape for good.

Here at N E Time Fitness, we find it extremely rewarding to see how a diligent approach has helped over 200 clients in the last 3 years do SO MANY amazing things! 

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