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Hello, nurses and healthcare warriors!


My name is Eddie, founder and head coach at NE Time Fitness. Our mission transcends physical fitness; it’s about transformation, understanding, and achieving balance on your terms around your demanding schedules.

My journey into fitness wasn’t straightforward. It began with a passion, weathered through injuries, and matured in the world of strength training and competitive realms. The road taught me about the dangers of extremes, both in diet and exercise, leading to an epiphany: wellness isn’t about pushing to the limits but finding a harmonious balance.

This realization is the cornerstone of NE Time Fitness. We recognize the unpredictable nature of life, especially in nursing. Your commitment to fitness and nutrition shouldn’t be another source of stress but a constant in your ever-changing world. Our goal is to guide you away from an all-or-nothing mindset towards a lifestyle where fitness coexists with joy and fulfillment.

Our programs are as diverse as the individuals we serve. Understanding that nurses juggle incredibly busy schedules, emotional strain, and physical demands, we customize our plans to fit seamlessly into your life, not demand more from it. Whether it's adapting to shift patterns, dealing with the physical toll of long hours, or simply finding a moment for yourself, we tailor our support to meet you where you are.

The stories of over 200 clients who've journeyed with us aren’t just testimonials; they’re evidence of real, achievable change. They reflect nurses who’ve broken free from the cycle of temporary fixes, who now integrate fitness into their lives with positivity, and who've experienced the power of being supported at every step.

So, to all nurses standing on the brink of starting or restarting their fitness journey, let this be your sign. NE Time Fitness is more than a pathway to physical wellness; it's about reshaping your relationship with health. It's about crafting a sustainable lifestyle on your terms, backed by a team that understands and values your dedication to others.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.


Eddie Kincaid
Founder and Head Coach, NE Time Fitness


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